About me

Age: born 18.12.1977, you do the math.
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Marital status: In a relationship.

My happiest moments are when I’m outside, enjoying nature, doing nothing – and I mean nothing. Not walking, just relaxing. Norwegian tradition states that when hiking you do a lot of walking, so much so that walking in itself has become the trip. It’s about going from A to B.

I have followed that regime. I don’t like it. I have a too relaxed nature for it, and I also get this incredibly feeling of peace when I take things at my own (slow) pace.

I can also be found at cafe’s where I sit by myself, (pretending to) reading a book, writing  blog entries and having a passionate affair with a cup of mocca.

I love gadgets, my religion, learning and using technology, spending time with my boyfriend and occasionally exercising at Elixia (a gym).

I’m happy. I believe everybody is trying to do the best they can, however faulty, with a few people as exceptions. Good enough is good enough for me and everybody else, but I strive for better.

August 2010 – current date: System administrator, InBusiness.
August 2009 – March 2010: Application manager, Berggård Amundsen.

Certified Scrum Master
Junior Level Linux Professional

Microsoft Certified Professional:

  • Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (70-315)
  • Developing and Implementing Windows Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (70-316)

Education: Masters degree in IT from Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

8 Responses to About me

  1. Haribol,

    Dandavat pranams. I saw your comment on BtB and thought I’d contact you to see if you would like to be involved in web development for our sanga, and if so on what terms.

    It would great to hear from you.

    Thanks and my best.
    Hare Krishna.
    Raghava Pandit das

  2. Haribol Prabhu,

    Dandavat pranams.

    You are doing a great job on Back to Bhakti. I regularly follow the articles there.

    Unfortunately I can’t help you with the web development. Since I have a full time job working with computers, I’m averse to spend a lot of time on it in my spare time.

    I only like to write blog entries and the like, where there is no pressure and expectations involved. I don’t know how I can translate computer work to service in a way I will enjoy yet.


  3. Jack Jacobson says:

    Several years ago, a close friend of my family passed away. He and his family were my only connection to Norway. After his death, his wife and son moved to Sweden. While looking for information about my new Kindle, I discovered your wonderful site.

    The reason I mentioned my family friend is because I had in the back of my mind that I wish I knew someone who lived in Norway. I find a need to commiserate with someone about the tragedy in Oslo and Utoya.

    I hope I haven’t gone over an invisible barier by writing this note. When I was about ten years old, this Norwegian man came to visit us in New York City. He and my dad met each other in Auschwitz. After the war Norway was kind enough to give him asylam, since he was afraid to return to Poland.

    After meeting him, and learning about his journey, I had a special place in my heart for Norway and its people. When ever I hear anything about Norway, or read the name, I am alerted and have to examine the article or TV program.

    I was devastated on July 22 and it brought back what I experienced on September 11. I lived in N.Y.C. most of my life, and was there that Tueswday morning. Please accept my my sympathy.

  4. Thank you for your condolences and your history. The attack on 22nd July really came as a shock for all Norwegians, and we are still mourning the loss.

  5. Me says:

    Happy birthday !

  6. Rick M. says:

    Helene, Ownshelf is a new service to share ebooks with friends across devices. Also to back your ebooks up in the cloud.

    We just launched our beta and opened up to public use and feedback. I would like to invite you to try it out. Blog about it if you like. And certainly send me any feedback.



  7. Stig-henning klungvik says:

    savner deg på facebook….hører lite fra deg…

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