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Every morning when I get up I look at the morning shows. Today it was TV2’s Good morning norway. One of the visitors on the show was a politician talking about a fruit program in the primary and secondary schools.

Currently norwegian schools don’t have free meals, so the children bring their own lunch packet from home which often can be boring, and sometimes end up being replaced by other non-healthy alternatives.

Anyway, now there’s a trial where fruit and vegetables are served (http://www.skolefrukt.no) and the government subsidizes the initiative.

One of the reporters in the show asked the politician about wether served meals on the schools will be subsidized after the fruit program will have been implemented in 2009. Now, this is what he more or less said (after he was asked the same question for the second time): “After 2009 we will see what happens”.

And that lead me to think about one of my problems in my earlier years. When I was younger I tried to understand what politicians said, but it was like greek to me. Now I understand why. Politicians are expert in using many words to say nothing.

And hey, that goes for me too. We have power walking, power dressing and yes, power talking. It’s all about beeing a smooth talker, saying much without really saying anything. Whenever I do that, it seems like what I say is more important. I’ve used it many times and it works.

The politicians statement could be interpreted two ways:

  • We have thought about extending the project in 2009, but we are not ready to talk about it.
  • We will do nothing and have thought nothing.

There’s a major difference in this two statements. I’m tired of fog language.

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