300 waisted minutes

I just came home from wathing 300 in the cinema. Boy, was that a bad film. It was without question some men that have directed it (I haven’t checked out who). It’s what I would call a decent jerk off. Some guy makes up some pompous war stuff (well, creatively use an historic event) talking about glory, honour, freedom and bravery. A good display of the idiocy of men. They must have mistanken musculous chests with intelligence.

So, here’s the plot. Take som men with musculous chests (you will never get me to say that’s nice), red capes and an enemy, They go to war. Now, on the enemy side you throw in some orcs (lord of the rings) lookalikes, a lotr troll wannabee, and I even got some glimpses of a jabba the hut impersonator. Bravery is shown – oh, I ment ketchup, and they die while they go into history as heroes. Put all of this together and you get some sentimental garbage, all displayed in a very manly fashion, of course. Couldn’t had it otherwise !

The very sad situation of all of this is that my male friend I went with, liked the film. I’m telling you – the world is doomed.

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