Spring signs and bad habits

The first indication of the spring has arrived have come. The viewing of spiders in my apartment. Last automn I got enough and started slaughtering spiders. I got over 20 spiders, and that was just spiders stupid enough to sit on my walls. I performed no automn cleaning to get all the spiders out.

Now – they’re back and growing bigger each day. On the bright side, no insect will survive long. And I’ve so far out survived the spiders..

On the morning bus on my way to work I had one guy behind me chewing gum. Chewing gum in a way that is heard. On my left side I had a guy listening to gwen stefani and shakira. Bad music taste. It would be great if people could leave their habits for themselves. Suddenly the chewing guy said to the man next to him: “I just have to tell you about this story”, and some newspaper rustling were heard. “There’s one guy in england that have been to 92 football fields. So the reporter asked the football guy: What did you feel when you entered your 92nd field? Well, not much really. It’s just a another football field.”

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