Air have changed

I’m a bit in an awe right now. A bit scared as well.

Me and martin got the bid on this terraced house. The deal isn’t closed before tomorrow at 14 (people in the community have preemptive authority ), so we can’t break the champagne yet. At first I was really happy because it’s the nicest house we’ve been to so far, but some hours afterwards, it hit me. We have 2 million kroners in debt. That’s scary !

But on the bright side, the house is really nice. It has sun in the morning and in the evening, and on the second floor we can build a terrace. The bubble bath was a bit funny. It has jet streams, an inbuild radio, remote control and disco lights… Yep, you heard correctly – Discolights ! It’s a horrible display of blue, yellow, red etc. And it has a remote control!!

I don’t know when we can move in yet, but I will know tomorrow. I’m a bit shaken. This is exciting.

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