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For about half a year ago I decided to become a member of the Norwegian Trekking association. Since I work with computers, I decided I needed something that was the complete opposite. Something that gave me magnificent nature, was outdoors, and required some physical work. Well, it seemed like that was just what I needed.

But, I haven’t really been that much outdoors, and buying equipment isn’t cheap either. I’m slowly getting there though.

Since I’m just incapable of do something half way, I had to enroll to become a trip leader as well (of course). I mean, experience is something you can get anyway 😉

So last weekend I was at Sæteren Gård in Bærum on this trip leader course. It was quite a nice experience. We learned about what to wear in the mountains and equipment, food and beverage, how to make wind cover and most importantly, how to use the map and compass. It was a two day class, and I slept outside with about 20 other people. That was really nice. I woke up feeling refreshed. It was silent around me (I was the first one that awoke), and I felt alone surrounded by beautiful nature.

It gave me the urge to sleep outside again. So my next task is probably that. Take a trip somewhere, and sleep outside.

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