Oops!… I Did It Again

Remember how I vowed never to take a certification again… It seems like I need to learn to just shut up.

The same day as I passed my Linux certification, my department manager came up to me wondering if I wanted to take a Scrum Master course which gives the “Certified Scrum Master” certification by Scrum Alliance. The requirements for this course: Pay 17 000,- for a course and recieve a certification. In other words, it takes a lot to be able to fail !

But I`m very happy. It was a very good course and hopefully, in time, I will actually become a Scrum master (a more recognizable word for scrum master could be project manager/leader) at a project in my company. So this is very exciting.

So far I`ve worked in two scrum projects and I`m very happy with the scrum framework. Finally it seems like I`ve found a project management that actually works for software development. It`s easy to track and view progress, change according to customers whims, and thereby making the customer happy. It has even more important (positive) implications for the developers, but I`m not going to talk about that now. Basically, it works!

So, now my fourth certification is in box. Damn, I`m good.

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