Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley

I like reading books, and lately I have been reading a lot. So, when I started spending to much on books each month I decided it was about time to start reading some of the unread books that was in my bookshelf.

It was the second time I tried to read Winterbirth. The first time I managed to get to page 70 or something before I gave up. Currently I´m at page 250 and the only thing that keeps me going is stubbornness. I have paid for the book, so I better damn read it as well.

Grade: 1 of 10 (1 – bad, 6 – Excellent)

What makes this a shitty book?

Names, names and names. Thanes, thanes and oh – thanes. It seems like the author just have to put in all possible names into the book (there are two names in each sentence), and he expects you to remember them all. So, unless you enjoy family research, then I wish you good luck.

Descriptions. For some reason (might be because I´m not english) descriptions can be tedious. I don´t seem to understand what is being described before I get to the end of the sentence. All the descriptions doesn´t really let you into the skin of the characters in the book. After 250 pages I´m only hoping a lot of the people in the book may die so I might get to know at least a couple of them and stay with them for a longer period.

Battles. What makes battles interesting? I still haven´t figured it out.

So, should I finish the book just so I can say I did it?

Update: I did read it through, and it got a little better after 250 pages. Enough that I now will give it 2 of 10 stars.

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