Impatiently waiting

I have just bought a new gadget, and I can´t wait until it´s in my hands. Unfortunately, getting it sent from the us takes a little time.

So, what is this new love object of mine? An irex iliad which is an ebook reader. I love reading books and recently I have been reading a lot. So much that it affected my budget. When I can read between 2 – 3 books a week, then it gets expensive. So that´s why an ebook reader is a perfect gadget for me:

1. Ebooks are a lot cheaper
2. Ebooks require no bookshelves space
3. Wherever I go I can bring with me a LOT of (digital) books and they weight next to nothing.

Downside is that ebook readers are expensive, especially the iliad. So I bought mine on ebay. It´s new (never been used), the downside is that it´s first edition which means less battery capasity (20%) and larger battery charger than the second edition.

I didn´t really have many requirements for the ebook reader, except that I didn´t want any WinCE stuff. I used this a ebook comparison matrix when I chose what I wanted.

iliad have linux, wifi and based upon what I have read, the best for reading pdf´s, so it´s a winner. It also have a lot of development happening around it, 3rd party applications etc. It´s gonna be fun exploring the thing, if it can just get here !

I´m impatiently waiting…

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