Irex iliad is in the house

I´e had my ebook reader now for a couple of weeks, and I love it! I have already read one book on it and are well into the second book. It´s wonderful to read with, the font (which you can increase/decrease at will) and the background has a nice contrast so it makes it easier to read on than ordinary books. When out in the sun the reflection is less/non-existent than what a book with it´s white background does. The iliad is lighter than most books I read, and that it can only show one page at a time isn´t a percieved drawback at all.

I woudn´t read programming books on it if I was reading it for reference. Iliad is well made for reading from page to page, but when I look up computer books, I mostly need to flip through the book in 2 minutes to find what I´m looking for. The iliad spends about 1 second to change page. It´s not enough time to loose interest, and one get´s used to it when reading (I don´t percieve it as big enough to be a drawback).

Since I have been reading up a lot when it comes to iliad, I will share what is my (and others) experience is in regard to it:

+ Good contrast
+ Wireless connectivity
+ Linux as operating system (but only hardcore people will know and use that)
+ Many applications are ported to the iliad. It has an active (but small) developer community. I do have some objections to how they release the software, but that is another discussion
+ The update facility (software and firmware) worked like a charm and required almost no user actions (except getting the internet connectivity to work). I could only wish that it would give more information so that people could get a clue what went wrong if something went wrong.
+ Easy user interface, easy access to settings, books, newspapers, documents, notes (the works). The handle for flipping pages is a work of genius.
+ You can make notes in the documents, and save (and delete) those notes.
+ For scientists/researchers, I have heard it´s a gold mine when it comes to storing documents, references, having a bibliography etc.
+ It takes CF and MMC cards, and USB.
+ You can bring your (and your neighbours) whole library with you.
+ Sound, you can play your mp3’s on this baby

– Flipping a page takes about 1 second
– 44 second bootup time
– Price
– Getting the wireless to work, can be a real hassle
– I´ve heard the irex support is really bad and can be expensive as well.
– Many people have experienced screen issues, and had to deal with the irex support.
– Battery works for about 15 hours.

I love my iliad and I´m hooked! I will most likely always have an ebook reader with me for the rest of my life.

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