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Progress for ereaders in norway

This is very good news

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Work me up!

I want to have wii and wii fitness

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Norwegian hospital care

I read a story(norwegian) in aftenposten about the meeting a family had with the norwegian hospital and staff, where they were met with excellent care and competence. These stories makes me happy and makes me believe there is still a … Continue reading

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Who needs a microwave

Eirik Newth had a blog entry (norwegian) with this video A bit scary.. I’m just waiting for my head to say… pop!

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Resources for deciding which E-Book device to buy

What E-Book device to buy is a matter of personal preference. Taking the time to read up on what devices that are available and the functionality they provide is worth it. There are some links that are essential in that … Continue reading

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Today I drove this baby It’s a Piaggio NRG 50 Power. Helge and Merete bought it yesterday, and kindly allowed me to take a small trip around the parking lot. I was a natural !

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Ice cream lovers

The other day on my way home, I met the ice truck. On a sudden impulse I stopped it and ordered 2 liters of vanilla ice cream and 2 liters of strawberry ice cream. As I was walking home with … Continue reading

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Childhood memories

I love train rides, and yesterday I took the train to Trondheim to visit my good friend Merete. Merete is the nearest thing I have to a childhood friend. We met when I joined Strindheim childrens choir. We were both … Continue reading

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Fucking Matt Damon

Sarah Silverman is the girlfriend of Jimmy Kimmel. Here she is on the show to her boyfriend… and boy, is he in for a suprise ;-D Sarah Silverman Is "F-ing Matt Damon"Uploaded by mightyleech Some time later, Jimmy´s revenge was … Continue reading

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Iliad book stand

While on shopping yesterday, I found the stand displayed in the pictures below. It was a stand used for displaying dishes in the stores and it´s perfect for reading while eating – and easy to travel with (very light). Price: … Continue reading

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