Childhood memories

I love train rides, and yesterday I took the train to Trondheim to visit my good friend Merete. Merete is the nearest thing I have to a childhood friend. We met when I joined Strindheim childrens choir. We were both actually a bit old for that choir, but we stayed anyway. It was a start of a beautiful friendship, to the despair of the conductor. With the entry of my shining personality, the noise in the choir got bigger and she probably felt she was loosing a bit of her control to… well, the eviliscious me 😀

When we both quited from the choir, the conductor held us back after the last practice. She spoke to Merete for a long time talking about how wonderful Merete was, what a nice girl she was, how great it had been to have her in the quire all this time, and that it had been a true pleasure to have her there and the impact she had. Then she said: “Don’t let certain criminal elements (and then she sent me a long, telling look) influence you in the wrong way”.

It was obvious who this criminal element was… Hilarious!

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