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How to decrypt encrypted Adobe pdf’s in MacOSX

A sample encrypted pdf file can be downloaded from Adobe’s site: Sample NB. The encrypted file must have printing permissions. 1. Open the file with Preview One can verify that it is encrypted by going to Tools -> Inspector -> … Continue reading

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US Ebook Sales Statistics

Would you like to know how much the revenue for ebooks in the US the first quarter of 2008 is? I can tell you: 2008 Q1 – over 10 million USD. 2006 Q1 – 4 million USD 2004 Q1 – … Continue reading

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Creating content to iRex iLiad

The folks at iRex Technologies have written a about creating optimized content for the iliad. How to create content for your iLiad

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Extreme sports

One guy have taken a look at the different extreme sports out there. I did find some I would like to do like zorbing and kite jumping. I have actually tried to control a kite once and it required a … Continue reading

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How to use dictionaries on iRex

When reading books there usually are some words one don’t know the meaning of, or maybe just have an inkling of the meaning and would like to know the full meaning. Fortunately, with the iliads operating system 2.12, the support … Continue reading

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Life is like a box of chocolate…

You never know what you’re gonna get. (Forrest Gump) One of the things I have been thinking about are how people tend to place others into boxes. Humans have a way of rationalizing everything down into something they understand. That … Continue reading

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Joker and Batman sitting in a tree, t..a..l..k..i..n..g..

I went to see The Dark Night on cinema, and this little piece is just lovely in that regard – Watch more free videos

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Is it time to embrace the e-book?

BBC have an article about the ebook where they ask the question wether it’s time to embrace the ebook. Now, there is some regular quotation about “it’s like reading an ordinary paperbook” and “tech savvy people are still critical”, the … Continue reading

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Spyware on macosx

It’s sad to say it, but I had my first incident of spyware… on nothing less than my macosx. I found out because I had these popups that came up when browsing in firefox: It always pointed to the same … Continue reading

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Developer characters in MacOSX

Frustration solved! Finally ! I have had my mac for about 10 months, but I still hadn’t figured out where to find those programming keys like curly braces, square brackets, straight vertical (pipe) and tilde to name a few on … Continue reading

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Flashback time: Stylophones

Remember stylophones? Those small pianolike boxes? I can vaguely remember playing with one when I was younger. I can’t really understand what made them so popular. I wikipediad a little bit more and found out that the first synthesizer was … Continue reading

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Why should publishers take ebooks seriously?

When thinking about ebooks, it’s easy to see that it’s the direction the world is moving towards. With the release of Kindle the world of electronic books took a big step forward as americans embraced this new book development. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Waking the book publishers (by other means than piracy)

As a devout ebook reader I find that many of the titles I want to read simply isn’t available as ebooks. There are more than enough ebooks around that it haven’t become a problem yet, but it will happen. In … Continue reading

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How to make US ITunes store purchases for non-US people

So, you want to buy items from ITunes’ US store, but you’re not anywhere around there, are you? First you need to create a new ITunes account. Find an american adress (for example an hotel or another “public” adress), and … Continue reading

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Damnation ITunes, I want my Farscape

Farscape is one of the best science fiction series ever made. It was cancelled after four seasons in 2003. I came over it when I was in Melbourne in 2002 and from time to time I check out if something … Continue reading

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Todays curios person: Eirik Newth

As most people I like to roam the web for interesting sites, people, knowledge, forums etc. One of my favorites are Eirik Newth (in norwegian). He’s an author, blogger, astrophysicist and one of the prominent intellectual persons in Norway. He … Continue reading

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Access Google Calendar from Mac or Windows

Google have now added support for accessing your calendar and even your friends from iCal and Outlook. Instructions for iCal Instructions for Outlook For me, which is addicted to iCal, it’s a nifty feature.

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