Todays curios person: Eirik Newth

As most people I like to roam the web for interesting sites, people, knowledge, forums etc. One of my favorites are Eirik Newth (in norwegian). He’s an author, blogger, astrophysicist and one of the prominent intellectual persons in Norway.

He is one of the persons that have a genuine interests for every scientific subject there is, though I have yet to find something about religion and philosophy. He did take a trip last year through India with his family, so I’m thinking he has to have some interest in that area as well. It would have been nice the hear his thoughts in that regard as well.

Anyway, here are some links to his blogs and radioshow:
His personal webpage and blog (english version of his page, though not as frequently updated)
Future and futuristic thinking blog (norwegian)
Vitenskapsprogrammet – his radio show on Radio Norge(norwegian). I love the podcasts.

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