Damnation ITunes, I want my Farscape

Farscape is one of the best science fiction series ever made. It was cancelled after four seasons in 2003. I came over it when I was in Melbourne in 2002 and from time to time I check out if something has happened.

To my utter happiness I found out they have released the series on ITunes for 40 USD a season. I bought some episodes in 2002, but the series was so expensive in DVD that I never bought a complete season. Now, I would love to buy it, but my account there is for the norwegian store.

I have to try to create an american itunes account, the problem is that they even check if your credit card is american. The only option I haven’t tried is specifying Paypal as my payment method. I can only hope that helps, but that’s tomorrows problem. Now – bedtime.

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