How to make US ITunes store purchases for non-US people

So, you want to buy items from ITunes’ US store, but you’re not anywhere around there, are you?

First you need to create a new ITunes account. Find an american adress (for example an hotel or another “public” adress), and follow the instructions in this video:

Now you have access to the US store, but you still can’t buy anything. To buy something with your non-us credit card will get you nowhere. The answer is an US ITunes Gift Certificate.

I suggest checking out EBay and see who sells them there. To ensure you don’t waist your dollars, take a look at the sellers feedback.

It’s amazing that it has to be so difficult to buy music, films etc. The reason is probably because of the contract ITunes makes with the producers. The producers take is their contract with television channels in the different countries. TV channels pay a lot of money to air TV series. TV series produces viewer ratings, which again provides commercials, which leads to increased revenue for the TV channels itself.

The problem is that producers are fighting a loosing battle. People don’t want to wait for their favorite shows, so they download it illegally as torrents or any other means available.

By doing so the producers actually loose money, but not only because of piracy. The problem is that the producers needs to make things internationally available for purchase, not only for the US. If something is unavailable, then people will turn to piracy. Pirated items are cheaper, but they are also usually of low quality. If something is available (and for a reasonable price) people will purchase it.

And the producers should entice people to buy their products by making the products available, at good quality and even may be give some extra value (like extra features etc) when people buy their products. Furthermore, when people like a show they want to purchase items connected to it, because it supports something they are interested in. If I like a show, then you can be damn sure I want to purchase items connected to it. I want to see the product succeeds because it’s in my interest.

So dear producers: Put a little trust in the consumers of your products. We want you to succeed and we will give you dollars for your work if you only let us to do so. Because we do care (how is that for a slogan? Naah… googling showed it was overused by many others).

…..What is the future of the tv industry then?

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