How to use dictionaries on iRex

When reading books there usually are some words one don’t know the meaning of, or maybe just have an inkling of the meaning and would like to know the full meaning. Fortunately, with the iliads operating system 2.12, the support for dictionaries came about.

To make it work on the iliad is easy – as long as you follow the rules.

Install the dictionary

  1. Purchase one or more dictionaries from your favourite store.
  2. Connect the iliad to your computer so you have access to its internal memory or MMC card.
  3. Enter the book folder
  4. Enter the “Mobipocket” folder. If there is no “Mobipocket” folder there, create one and enter it. Ensure that the first letter is a capital letter.
  5. Copy one or more dictionaries into the folder.

Word of caution: Do NOT open the dictionary in another way than through the book itself. You can see if the dictionary have been opened when looking into the directory tree. If the dictionary is listed as a directory, delete it and install the unopened dictionary again.

The reason for this is a bug that lets you search for words when reading a book, it list matches, but when you choose a match and expect to get a description, nothing happens.

If you want to search the dictionaries without going through an existing book, you can copy the dictionary to another place/directory in the book folder.

Use the dictionary

  1. Read a book.
  2. With the stylus, press the icon on the bottom left of the screen that has a magnifying glass. Ensure that the icon goes from white background to black background.
  3. With the stylus, press the word you want to lookup.
  4. If any word matched it will be shown. Select the word from any of the matches by pressing the stylus on the word. This will result in the description of the word will be shown.
  5. To exit the dictionary, press the arrow pointing leftwards twice.

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