How to remove DRM from ebooks

I buy books. A lot of them, and I like to own the books I purchase. By that statement I mean that I want to be able to read the book on whatever device I want. To be able to do that I have to remove the DRM from the books I buy.

I NEVER distribute the books I buy, and neither should you.

How to remove DRM from Mobipocket books:
The Dark Reverser has created some python scripts that removes it. The scripts are available as torrents here.

Install python, then run the script in Terminal (more info below for Windows users):
pythonw drm_ebook.prc device_pid

How to remove DRM from EReader books (pdb):
Python script (also known as

How to remove DRM from MS Reader (lit) format:
Use ConvertLIT to remove the DRM.

How to remove DRM from Kindle ebooks

i?cabbages has provided python scripts or do a search for these keywords”adobe adept drm python scripts”.

iPad DRM
The DRM on iPad has not been broken yet.

Steps in running the scripts

This tutorial expects a certain understanding of using computers, or more importantly, a willingness to test and fail a multitude of times until you get it right yourself.

Download and install python

Python can be downloaded from
More information about running python in Windows here:

If your trying to remove drm from Adobe epub books, you also need to install pycrypto. I tried to install it through the installer located at voidspace, but it didn’t work on my Win7 (june 2010).

How to find the terminal/DOS window in Windows

Terminal (also known as the console) is the same as the DOS window if you use windows. How to find the terminal:

Under Windows 98:
Click Start.
Click Programs.
Click MS-DOS Prompt.

Under Windows 2000/XP:
Click Start.
Click Programs (All Programs if you are using Windows XP).
Click Accessories.
Click Command Prompt.

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