Norwegian ebooks in the making

Norway have one ebook store, Unfortunately, so far it hasn’t had norwegian ebooks in its repertoire. That seems to change now.

On there’s an article called “Snart kommer norske e-b?ker” (Norwegian ebooks are coming soon). There it’s stated that digitalbok has made an agreement with six publishers to publish their books as ebooks and they are currently in negotiation with five – six more publishers.

This is excellent news for Norwegian ebook enthusiasts. Einar R?hneb?k in Aller Publishing states that he doesn’t expect any big sales from it, and that made me wonder. How many norwegian ebook readers are there? I know of myself, one person I talked to on the train, Havheksa and Eirik Newth. The last two people on that list I know read ebooks because I have read it on their blogs. Do you know of any Norwegian ebook readers?

There might also be another problem with the norwegian ebook approach made by – Their Crappy Flash “Please kill me” interface:
– Search, I never know if they have completed the search or if there just were no results.
– When I choose “Read more” on an ebook, a popup shows up. The information on that popup isn’t always much either.
– There is no wish list functionality
– Forget about trying to link to their content.
– When browsing books in categories, viewing books in two columns is harder to browse through. It takes a longer time finding what I’m interested in.

At the moment, any ebook store is to be preferred before using At least when they publish norwegian ebooks, norwegians have no choice than to buy from them.

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