Trip to Henie Onstad Art Center

On wednesday me and Tatjana went to Henie Onstad Art Center to see their exhibition REALITY EFFECTS: when reality is put to work. First there were something about blondes, adressing blond myths, porn and jokes, with pictures of celebrities like Britney Spears, some hip hop girl etc. I like celebrity gossip like any non-Perez Hilton, but it wasn’t enough to stay more than 10 minutes there.

Next there were a lot of television sets showing documentaries with a lot of people talking. Reaction: BORING! Why do I want to listen to a lot of people talking about… general bullshit. I sat down to listen to one episode featuring two indian woman, and during four minutes she mentioned her beauty shop and it’s adress at least four times.

And this is art, folks !

I don’t get it.

We spent most time looking in Henie Onstads private art collection. The picture on the right was one of the highlights. The had paintings of Picasso and Matisse there. Funny thing: There were no guards there.

The Picasso paintings (woman sitting in a chair) were for me not of interest. I think I should get art people to explain to me the greatness of these painters, because I just don’t get it. Do you?

The best paintings for me was of pavements. I don’t remember who the artist was except that he was norwegian, but there were three paintings. One of cobble pavement, one of larger rock and a manhole cover and one of a beach. They were so realistic and beautifully done. I actually knocked on one of the paintings just to check if it actually was a painting or if the artist had took pavement from a road somewhere. It was a painting.

Now, I have probably sounded quite negative in my view of the exhibition, but it’s a nice way of spending an evening. Henie Onstad is a beautiful art center surrounded in beautiful settings. The sun sets around 7/8 pm, so we didn’t get the chance to take a walk around there, but I have been there many times and it’s astounding nature there.

Afterwards, me and Tatjana went to B?lgen & Moi, chatted and drinked coffee and wine. It was a very nice evening.

Me and Tatjana is holding hands... Very romantic, your thinking? Well, it was just her ensuring that if I threw her out into the ocean, I would follow..

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