Human Eradication Mode

60 minutes had an episode once about the difficulties in understanding and using technical manuals. In this new technological era we all experience technical problems. This can range from setting up the new television or printer we just brought, some software on out computer fails, or just understanding the words in a menu. We read the manual, written by engineers in a language that aren’t suited to non-technical people, and we get more and more frustrated as things just doesn’t behave in the way we expect them too. At the same time we get afraid of doing something irreversible, that just fucks up everything.

There’s a South Park episode that is hilarious in that regard. Chef and the boys are sitting in front of the tv to see “The Russel Crowe Show”. Chef wants to show off his new TV which has “more features than a space shuttle” and in his confusion he manages to enter “H.E.M” – Human Eradication Mode.

South Park: The Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer, Season 6 ep.5

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