Wedding party spoiled

This was on the frontpage of the written edition of VG today (I didn’t find the article on its website) and was about a wedding party that were supposed to be held on Stena Saga.

The bride in that wedding party was my mother, and I was there. My mother had phoned them and ordered a wedding party with dinner and seats in the bar afterwards. She even phoned them to confirm the order and was told everything was in order.

When we came there, the crew had not received this information and everything had to be done then and there (which took the crew at least 30 minutes or more before they actually managed to get tablecloths on  it). There was no extra service and attention from the crew. They gave us one drink (after an hour or so), and that was it. We were supposed to have free alcohol during the dinner and a waiter that served it, but that didn’t happen.

My mother stood in the restaurant crying.

The whole dinner set a terrible mood for the rest of the wedding celebration (which was just as bad as the dinner).

Me and Martin will NEVER take any boat from Stena Line again unless there is a urgent need for it. I hope they will burn in hell.

The newsitem have been written about in Adressa and P4.

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