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I’m on Facebook, and it’s not  on a voluntary basis. It started out by signing up because “everybody” talked about it, I were there for some weeks, then deactivated my account. After six month people were STILL talking about it, so I reactivated my account. Now, I’m still there, but I still don’t get the big thing.

Before that I was on orkut. One guy told me he could be there for hours and find interesting things there. I didn’t get it.

The latest site I have registered on now is LinkedIn – a community to show your business network. I’m there, but I still don’t get what benefits it will give me.

I’m waiting for twitter to hit in and somebody wants me there.

Will all of these social networking change my habits? It haven’t. I will continue blogging, simply because I like writing. I like writing about the things that I’m passionate about, the things that goes on in my head, things I find funny, and because this blog is MINE, ALL MINE! No networking website will give me the same flexibility like my blog gives me, something the good guys at NRKBeta have realized as well.

I will call the people I care about, I will not send them messages through facebook etc. (okey, I do have two people that I mostly message). I will meet them, invite them to dinners, go to the movies, cafees etc.

The blog is about letting people staying connected to me and it doesn’t matter if wired thinks the blog is SO 2004 because we have all these different social networking tools. More so, most of my readers aren’t really interested in me at all. Most of them, give or take 70%, are interested in how to crack the DRM on ebooks. They are looking for troubleshooting of some sorts, and social networking doesn’t give me the proper tools write down my experiences, knowledge and frustrations. I usually have about 15 – 20 people looking into my blog each day. No networking tool will be able to give me that.

Bloggers today are expected to write clever, insightful, witty prose to compete with Huffington and The New York Times.

And since I’m neither trying to be clever, insightful or witty I guess I’m out. And do I get noticed because I have this blog? Pheew, yeah right! That would be the day. I have no job opportunities or the likes that have knocked on my door because of this blog, but STILL I continue writing this blog. I guess not everything is about publicity. It’s a tool for me to express myself, even if nobody hears it. It’s also an archive where I can store things I want to have, a backlog of sorts where I can find previous articles, lessons, knowledge etc.

If somebody else happen to find this blog interesting, it’s a bonus. But get it right – This is all about me.

I will continue being sooo 2004 ! And boy, do I like it…

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integrity - the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.
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