Where does inspiration comes from?

The Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, has a nice posting about where his inspiration for Dilbert and other items come from. He states that his passions drives him, not him being in the lead seat deciding “Now I’m going to be passionate about this item”. He states “your passion finds you”.

Before creating Dilbert, Scott Adams used to be a regular Joe with a regular job. What sparked my interest is this quote:

When I had a full-time job, before Dilbert, I awoke at 4 AM, sat alone in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee, and waited. I did that for a year or two, just emptying my mind and freeing my imagination. I don’t remember the day I picked up a pencil and started drawing instead of sitting during those hours, but I’m sure I didn’t have a choice.

I have heard that statement before by Eckart Tolle. He also used to sit quietly in a meditative state, not doing anything, just letting the thoughts run free without pushing them to the forefront. Tolle has also stated that one needs to take the time doing nothing, to allow ideas to come forward, even if one has to wait a couple of years. That’s how the book “A New Earth” appeared to him. The book was waiting to be written, and at some point it came to Tolle so he could write it.

Oprah tries to meditate every day, doing nothing. She told that one day all she had time to was meditate while her dog was drinking out of the bidet. That was funny 🙂

So now I try to take some moments every day where I do nothing, except sitting there in solitude and quiteness. I find it a bit hard, and I only last for a cup of coffee, but at least its something. And apparantly I have to do that for a couple of years before some inspiration grips me. I want it to come sooner than that.

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