A healthy alternative to sugar

Have you heard of stevia? It’s a natural, herbal substitute to sugar and artificial sweeteners, it’s 30 – 45 times sweeter than ordinary sugar, and the best part is that it’s calorie-free.

Stevia has shown that it can counteract obesity , high blood-pressure, lower blood sugar and low pancreas functionality.  Diabetics can use stevia as a natural sweetener, and it even contains several vitamins. Stevia can be purchased as a powder and is very light. Millions of japanese have used stevia for thirty years, and there is no reported or known harmful effects.

Unfortunately there is a health/political controversy to stevia despite all the research. EEC have decided to make the herb forbidden to use as food. They claim that it hasn’t been proven scientifically that stevia isn’t harmful, a claim that is even more interesting since the negative effects of sugar and aspartam has been known for years and is legal. One could wonder who is really benefitting from ensuring that stevia keeps being forbidden.

I use it mostly to sweeten my tea, and it takes a suprising small amount of stevia to  make the tea sweet. I recommend everybody to try it.


Stevia has recieved GRAS approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. On a more practical level that entails that companies can use stevia in food and beverages. Hopefully Coca Cola, Pepsi and other producers will jump at the chance.

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Purchase stevia as powder or the plant itself here: http://www.naturlegemiddel.com/
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