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patashnikOne of my favorite norwegian musicians is Biosphere and he makes ambient electronic music. When reading about Biosphere one always come across the word arctic – which is how his music is described. Probably because he lives up north in Norway where it’s a beautiful nature and one can see northern lights on a good day. He has made many albums. I haven’t heard them all (actually – I have only listened to his earlier work), but I love the Patashnik album.

On his homepage one can download several mp3’s for free. Among the freebies I like are “Som Evige Stjerner” (translation: like eternal stars), “Bevegende rytmer” (translation: Moving rythms) and “Kill by inches theme”. I like the ones with more of a rythm in them, but his music is perfect to lay still in bed and just listen. It can be a meditative experience. Try it.

His albums can be purchased from ITunes or may be you just want to read about him on wikipedia.

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