Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

For many people Christmas is today – 25th of December, but Norwegians celebrate this day on 24th. The day usually starts with cartoons on TV in the morning with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The cartoons set the mood for the day to come, but the cartoons and Mickey Mouse have change since I was a kid. That set in motion a new tradition where I purchase one cartoon that I watch in the morning/day. This year I purchased “The Sword in the stone” which gave me that christmas feeling only old disney classics can give. Last year I bought “Cars” and that didn’t work at all. I have decided to start purchasing old disney classics (and hopefully not all of them will have been remade). From next year I will (mostly) stay on the old disney classics and purchase the first Disney classic that was produced, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (if I can find it somewhere available for purchase).

A list of Disney Classics and when they were released.

NRK shows “Tre nøtter til Askepott” and “Reisen til Julestjernen” which have been shown since I was a kid.

About 80% of the norwegian population is part of the state church, but I presume that there are many non-practicing christians here. There are many that only goes to church on Christmas. Me and Martin didn’t go to church, but we visited his dads grave.

The Christmas eve is kicked off by dinner, usually around five pm, with Sølvguttene in the background. This year we celebrated christmas at Irene, Martin’s sister. In the evening we opened presents.

And I got some very nice gifts this year. Martin gave me an ipod nano (16 GB) which I have really been wanting. I spent a lot of the evening just looking at it ;-D. I got an hair dryer, three fleece blanket (so I’ll stay warm this winter), day and night cream, soaps, candles and a lot of other nice things.

Picture taken at Tanum Church on Christmas eve.


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