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I just found the perfect thing to have in the working place. I wish my workplace had these…

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Synology DS-207 NAS Quick Review

I just bought myself a Synology NAS server. A NAS server can be compared to a machine that performs backup of files, contains a webserver, ftp server, ITunes library, multimedia streaming across the network. I needed to backup my files … Continue reading

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Norwegian ebooks finally available

The long awaited release of norwegian ebooks is here, available at Not only have they released ebooks, the ebooks are without DRM as well. They have instead watermarked the ebooks, which entails that customer information is added to the … Continue reading

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How to remove pdf borders in macosx

Many pdf’s comes with big white borders. This becomes a problem when reading pdf’s on ebook readers since the borders takes up a lot of space on an already small and challenged reading area. Or when one wants to save … Continue reading

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Balloon animal loving

I laughed hard when I saw this: And they did have some accidents during the shoot:

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Overdrive creating (DRM) hassle on Fictionwise ebooks

Fictionwise have issued a statement saying that Overdrive will cease serving (DRM’ed) files to Fictionwise customers. All customers that have previously purchased books from Fictionwise served by Overdrive have to download them before 31st January. After that date, the books … Continue reading

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Chai tea in the indian way

I have been to india three times, and chai tea the way the indians make it is …yummy! I have not come across any place here in europe where they make chai the indian way (except indian restaurants). So, therefore … Continue reading

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