Overdrive creating (DRM) hassle on Fictionwise ebooks

Fictionwise have issued a statement saying that Overdrive will cease serving (DRM’ed) files to Fictionwise customers. All customers that have previously purchased books from Fictionwise served by Overdrive have to download them before 31st January. After that date, the books will not be available for download again.

This is a good example of why DRM isn’t consumer friendly. I have purchased six ebooks served by Overdrive and from 1. february those books will no longer be available to me. If my ebook reader breaks down, I can’t read them on another ebook device unless I have downloaded, saved and stripped the ebooks of the DRM.

ITunes and the music industry have at last understood that DRM haven’t worked the ten years they have used it. I hope the book publishing industry will reach the same conclusion soon.

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