Norwegian ebooks finally available

The long awaited release of norwegian ebooks is here, available at Not only have they released ebooks, the ebooks are without DRM as well. They have instead watermarked the ebooks, which entails that customer information is added to the file (name and telephonenumber). It’s amazing that they have chosen to not use DRM, since I haven’t read any indication of this in the press (or even statements from the publishing houses itself). A small drawback is the file format they have chosen – Adobe PDF. It’s not possible to change font sizes on pdf’s so one just have to hope that it will look good on the ebook reader and screen size one has. My experience is that font’s usually becomes a bit too small on the iliad, and I read on the Leseplate-blog that the fonts became a bit too big on Cybook. That doesn’t bode well for the iliad.

The ebooks are mainly from the publishing house CappelenDamm which have released about a 100 ebooks. CappelenDamm don’t expect much sales of the ebooks according to a statement they have made. Most of the books cost 79 NOK (between 11/12 USD at the time of writing and 20/30% cheaper than paperback prices). which is cheaper than the the normal costs of pocket books in norway (99 NOK). I would like to see the prices even lower (40 NOK for example) in the future.

This is a day to celebrate!

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