I just travelled to Karlstad to receive a course in Alfresco which is the system I’m assigned to learn about. It was a nice trip, and I enjoyed watching the scenery pass me by. It’s quality time for me when I can travel on trains because I don’t have to do anything than just be. If I travel with somebody else, then it’s not really quality time in the same sense. I get energy from spending time alone – in other words I’m an introvert person. An extrovert person gets energy from spending time with other people, I guess one could call them the popular people 😉

I checked in to the hotel, and I got a big, nice room that I really like. I’m sitting in it now, and I love this room. I have a big bed, a large desk and even two chairs  and a table. Oh, and free wireless connectivity. I get to be alone here for two days, go out to eat dinner and breakfast is served downstairs. What more can I wish for?

So now I’m off. I’m going to chinatown (there’s one in every city), and afterwards I hopefully will get a ticket to see Australia with Nicole Kidman and that other guy.


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