Operation Energy

My biggest (and only?) issue for the moment is energy, having enough energy to do my job and maintain some kind of social life at the same time. I also have a huge concentration problem which I acutely experience in my work. When doing development work it’s essential to be able to maintain concentration, so I’m in a bad place. My lack of energy has gotten so bad that after work I just crash and I try to avoid doing anything in my spare time. This is not a tolerable solution, so I have made one desperate descision. For a while (2 – 4 weeks or so) I’m cutting away sugar from my diet. I can only see one reason for having such a lack of energy and that has to be with my diet. I’m overweight, but other from that I’m fine, even happy.

I have already cut away sugar from my diet for a week and I try to reduce the amount of white flour that I eat. I have also increased the amount of fiber and proteins that I’m eating. So far the status is:
+  I don’t have any sugar cravings
+ Mucus and symptoms of colds are gone
– My energy is on the same level

It’s too early to say if my concentration have increased or not, but I seem to have a “clearer” head. I have to add that I’m no fanatic though, I eat ketchup even when there’s sugar in it and I have had a couple of Caffe Mocca.

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