Week 2: Operation Energy

Well, the second week of cutting down on sugar, sweeteners and honey has passed, and I’m already feeling the difference. It might be because I tried Ashwaganda the other week, and went from zero to hero overnight, but a lot of the effects seem to have stayed. So the current status is:

Week 2:
+ Energy level has increased (but I’m still not where I want to be)
+ My ability to concentrate have increased (but I’m still not where I want to be)
+ Weight loss (no surprise there)
+ Mucus and flu symptoms are gone
– Some cravings

I guess I just have to continue for at least one more week, though it’s getting harder to say no to a bag of sweets.

Week 1:
+ I don’t have any sugar cravings
+ Mucus and symptoms of colds are gone
– My energy is on the same level

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