Arriving Voss

DSCF0844My friend, Kari, has a cabin located a little bit outside voss on a beautiful mountain side that I decided to visit and to get there I took the Bergen Railway. I was sitting in the last train carriage which was a really old carriage from the 60’s or something – not refurbished. It was a very hot day, so with no air condition it quickly became uncomfortable. Just before we arrived at Geilo station, the carriage suddenly started to sway a lot to the left and right. It was enough of a sway that I started to get a bit worried and understood that something was wrong. Then it began – dunk, dunk, dunk, dunk, and the train started breaking immediately. It took a long time to stop the train, but eventually it came to a halt. It turned out that the carriage in front of us (also a 60’s something) had derailed because of sunwinding( I’m unsure if that’s the correct english term). This actually made headlines in the online newspapers in norway (squib news during summer time). I talked to one of the onboard personell that went outside and investigated the damage, and he told me that a lot of the the crossties had been completely shattered several hundred meters away. I sighed and mentally prepared for hours of delay, but I can give much praise to the personell. They delt with the situation nicely, and in the end we were just 1 hour and 15 minutes delayed which was less than I expected.

Kari’s cabin was a small cabin with a soul, and I knew that I would settle in very nicely. It had a beautiful view of the valley and the opposite mountains and we sat outside, enjoying a cup of tea, a chat and the view.

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