I woke up to a beautiful, sunny weather and we had breakfast outside and spent the morning relaxing and enjoying the view. Then we drove to Jonstølen and hiked for an hour to get to Fjellsetvatnet (852 meters above sea level). The hike itself was hot because of the weather and when we arrived there we walked to the end of the water where there was a small beach.We wanted to take a bath and we entered the water boldly – only to quickly retreat. It was freeezing! It didn’t take many seconds before it was painful. So we squatted water on our bodies to chill it down, and it helped. Then we just laid down to get tanned. We were completely alone up there, we didn’t even meet any people during our hike up there. I really loved the place and would have loved to stay there for a longer time period. Actually, I would have loved to brought a tent and just stay there for one night with some good company. Perfect place!


In the evening I met Kari’s mother, brother and his family for the first time. They came to the cabin for a small gathering and we had a nice time chatting.

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