We decided to take a walk to slondalen today and walk around slondalsvatnet. To get there we parked next to a hostel and started walking Rallarvegen for a kilometer or so. There is really two schools of thought when it comes to hiking and the first one is the most widespread:

  1. Walking is the road, light and purpose
  2. Get to a beautiful place and stay there to relax for hours, enjoying the view.

I am soundly located in option number two. I see that there doesn’t have to be two schools of thoughts, but norwegians is hellbent on walking, walking, walking. It’s not enough to see beautiful places – we have to be able to say we walked from A to B. There has to be a plan to a trip – a grander design than just viewing the surroundings.

Kari is soundly located in number 1, and I don’t think option nr. 2 has ever crossed her mind.

So as we continued walking I (again) started souring up more and more. It was such a beautiful place with water and mountains all around, and I would have been perfectly happy to just be there. Unfortunately, that was not in Kari’s mind, and since I carried the food and the heater (or whatever a “stormkjøkken” would be called) we couldn’t seperate. I was sick of walking – or, I like walking, but long hiking trips, almost every day for over a week?

Not really. But it was well worth the trip.


View into slondalen


View from the end of slondalsvatnet

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  1. Tore Larsen says:

    Spent many visits there. Skiing, hiking, fishing. Trying to find our cabin buried in the snow. My dad knew the family, our family who owned the cabins. Spent many summer times with the chickens, cows, sheep, horses, making goat cheese. AH! Those where the days 1948-1951. If only we could return to those days.

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