We decided to take a walk to slondalen today and walk around slondalsvatnet. To get there we parked next to a hostel and started walking Rallarvegen for a kilometer or so. There is really two schools of thought when it comes to hiking and the first one is the most widespread:

  1. Walking is the road, light and purpose
  2. Get to a beautiful place and stay there to relax for hours, enjoying the view.

I am soundly located in option number two. I see that there doesn’t have to be two schools of thoughts, but norwegians is hellbent on walking, walking, walking. It’s not enough to see beautiful places – we have to be able to say we walked from A to B. There has to be a plan to a trip – a grander design than just viewing the surroundings.

Kari is soundly located in number 1, and I don’t think option nr. 2 has ever crossed her mind.

So as we continued walking I (again) started souring up more and more. It was such a beautiful place with water and mountains all around, and I would have been perfectly happy to just be there. Unfortunately, that was not in Kari’s mind, and since I carried the food and the heater (or whatever a “stormkjøkken” would be called) we couldn’t seperate. I was sick of walking – or, I like walking, but long hiking trips, almost every day for over a week?

Not really. But it was well worth the trip.


View into slondalen


View from the end of slondalsvatnet

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