2009 Resolution

New Years Eve resolutions is usually a running joke most places that last only for a couple of weeks. I didn’t make a new years resolution, but I did during the beginning of the year make a resolution for 2009 – to loose 10 kilos. The resolution kind of grew out of necessity and that the time was right for dealing with that issue. And let the celebration begin, because GOAL ACHIEVED!

Yes, I made it. Actually, at the time of writing I have lost 11 kilos, but who’s counting…. except me 😀 I have already started noticing the benefits like my shape has improved and when I go shopping for clothes – no more X-large section for me! I can’t sing high enough on how wonderful it is to go shopping and find beautiful clothes in my size that looks good on me. No more size elephant for me!  And I am never going to gain that weight back on, that’s for sure. I still have some mileage (read: kilos) to go before I’m happy with my weight, but there is only time separating me from that place.

I have changed my lifestyle, and I thought I would share a little bit about what I have done to get there. I have done it on my own, not counted calories, joined any diet program or even had a feeling that I was on a diet.

Get clear
I love Oprah (with her radio show as my favourite), and she have had several shows with her personal trainer, Bob Greene. His viewpoint is that excess weight is a symptom of underlying feelings that makes a person turn to food as a substitute for whatever that is missing and I mostly agree with him.

I had ended up eating sweets when I felt low, to celebrate and when I wanted some cosiness. Yes, it was emotional eating. I didn’t eat that often, but enough to keep gaining weight over many years. Food (or sweets) can be addictive 😉

Last year I started looking at what wasn’t working in my life, I took an inventory and starting working through what I needed to deal with. Just by doing that internal work a lot of my sweet tooth disappeared.

I have now come into a position that I only feel like eating sweets when I’m bored and since I’m now able to recognize when it happens, it makes it easier to do something about. I try to make sure that I don’t get bored often, and I have no sweets in the house anyway 🙂

and that brings me too…..

Yep, detox – and not the one concerning drugs either.  I started out with MethodDrain Detox which involves mixing some herbal stuff into 1.5 liters of water every day and drinking it for about 20 days. I had heard it was great for loosing weight, but well, it didn’t do wonders with me. It helped me to get enough water in my system (which was great), but in the end I was not sold on this product.

The one thing that did wonders to me was an ayurvedic remedy called ashwaganda. I took it one evening with a little bit of warm milk, and the next morning I felt “clear”. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was like I had been purified and my head was clear, my body felt clear and I had much energy. Now since this epiphany I have used time to get to know ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle more and it has made me into a believer, especially it’s teachings on stress and the digestion.

According to ayurveda, all diseases and health problems can be related to the digestion. The digestion is the engine, and the food is our gasoline, and in ayurveda the term “you are what you eat” really means something. Stress makes the body toxic, so much so that stress can make the body react to food as if the food is toxic. Ashwaganda is compared to the chinese’s ginseng because it gives energy, but what was important for me was that it cleared the bad effects of stress away from the body.

I cut away sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners  from my diet for four weeks. It did wonders – enough said.

Fiber is food for the stomach, but not for us (we are not able to extract energy from it). Fiber contains no calories, and is a necessity for the good bacteria’s in the stomach. If you don’t know about the importance of fiber, I suggest reading up on it. Every day I make myself a blueberry smoothie with psyllium husk (usually as breakfast). The husk swells up to 20% of its own size and attaches itself to fat and undigested (read: rotten) food that the digestion is unable to use. It’s great for clearing the system if one feel bloated. Humans should get about 30 grams of fiber every day to have a healthy digestion and evacuation.

Hot water
According to ayurvedic and chinese medicine, drinking hot water increases the digestive fire and clears metabolic waste.

Run of the mill
It’s utterly boring and dependable, but I try to eat every third hour and keep the meals small. And do exercise, and cut down on carbohydrated (bread, pasta, rice) and eat more vegetables. We all know it….

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