Meeting Mr./Miss Right

How do you know when you have met the love of your life?

Many years ago I remember speaking to an acquaintance, and he told me about this new girl he had met.
“It feels like I have known this person for a long time”, he said. Later on they got married.

Ingrid met her fiancé online and when I asked her when she knew her fiancé was the one, she responded: “Only after 2/3 days”. When I asked her how she knew he was the one, she answered: “It felt right”.

I asked the same question to Merete which is happily married and I got the answer “It’s impossible to know if I had met the one, but it felt right at the time”.

These are only three people, but it strikes a cord with me. I have noticed a theme in my life and that is that everything that happens to me (even bad stuff) happens at the correct time. Especially for the last six months I have noticed that every event have felt right, like it is suppose to happen and in the end will turn out to be a good thing. I had the impression that the feeling I’ve been having could be translated to all aspects in life, including meeting Mr./Miss Right.

This has had a special effect on me, because I’ve become so relaxed. I know that everything will turn out good in the end, all I have to do is “ride the waves” and whenever something feels off (or right) I do it. There is no need for me to stress, thinking “what if”,  “I have to do this”, or “I have to press this issue” because I know everything will happen when the time is right.

And it feels amazing.

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