Box of memories

This year I’m starting a new tradition where I will save memories from this year and the years to come. The small events and the big, and I found just the right box for it. This year I bought a diary that I write about everything – from days that will quickly be forgotten, events I will remember, things I have struggled with, areas where I have needed to grow and learn and written about it in my journal. That diary will be in the box.

In 08/09 I worked as a volunteer for Red Cross, and one of the activities we went to was to paint our own cups. The cup I painted will go in there. I even made sure that I got a diploma for the work I did there and a letter speaking about the activities and discussions we had (those documents were meant for the girls, but I wanted one too 😀 ).

Just before new years I wrote a letter to myself about my expectations for this year that I will open in late december. I wonder if anything I wrote in there will apply – I’m guessing that a lot more happened than I expected or even thought of.

Patricia gave me a personal astrology reading for this year, that have been surprisingly accurate so far.

And I will write a summary of this year, of every month and keep in there to remember the year of 2009 which probably will be titled “New beginnings”. And I will probably need to put some photographs in there as well, for what is all of this without pictures to remember it by. People and places.

I want to be able to use this box to go back in time and remember things that have happened with fondness, and to see how my life progress.

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