New job, new life

A couple of weeks ago, I started working at a new company (sorry, I will no more work on Alfresco for those that comes here for that information) and I’m settling in nicely. My colleagues are very easy to talk with, the chatting just flows effortlessly and I love it. It’s so important to work with people where the communication works, especially now when I’m working in a small IT department where we will work closely together all the time.

I got a new laptop (Thinkpad W500), and I could choose my own operating system on it (or as my department manager said, quite accurately: I would probably have done whatever I wanted anyway). That resulted in putting ubuntu on it, and I have enjoyed getting ubuntu to talk to Windows Active directory, setting up the mail towards exchange, getting access to the shared folders, set up citrix client. It has been surprisingly easy. The only downside have been that editing documents in sharepoint using firefox doesn’t work (even though MS claim cross-browser support).

So far I really like the new workplace. I even got my own office, which I haven’t had in a long time. I can look outside, see the weather and the trees. Some of the fun part is watching all the trailers that come here to load and unload goods. Sometimes (everyday) there are so many trailers at the same time, that there is space issues. One bad part though – my butt hurt! I have to take a 10-minute bicycle ride to get to the office, and I have to dress for the weather. It’s going to be interesting to see how I’m going to like it when the winter sets in and the snow piles up.

I had an extended vacation (3 months) before I started at the new job. The time seemed to just flow for the most part, but in the end I was ready to start working again. I used to go to the city, find a cafè and enjoy a mocha everyday. I used to sit there alone, looking at people and reading self-development books. I really loved those moments, and I received so much inspiration (also called juice) making the days fly by. I always had things to do.

Now, when I get back from work I can’t seem to get back to that inspiration. Setting up Linux, learning a new job have given me inspiration on work, but I don’t extend it to my spare time (I don’t want to be too much on the computer during my spare time). Enjoying a mocha and reading self-development books at home doesn’t work since I started working. I have to figure out a new way to get my “juice” after work. I still haven’t been able to figure out what it takes, but I have some suspicion I have to use more time on my spiritual activities. That have worked before. May be that means that the inspiration I get is different from when I work opposed to when I have a vacation.

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