Ode to “Sjakk Matt”

This year Sjakk matt, a cafe in oslo was refurbished. The result is a more open and customer friendly cafe with tables one can actually sit at.

What makes me really like this café is that it’s a place where I can get a decent cafe moccha AND lunch/food. Their torta’s (sandwiches) are really good. If you ask for a vegetarian option, you get it (even though there is none on the menu) and it’s delicious. Moreover, they have wireless internet connection (just ask for the password). These things have made this cafe my favorite one that I visit every sunday. I always go there alone, and I’m not the only one, sitting there reading books, newspapers, surfing.

I can also recommend the brownies…

This is the ONLY cafe in oslo (centre)  that has met my needs for good mocca, food and wireless connection. If you know of another cafe’s that are just as good – let me know.

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