Love at second sight

For about a year now I have not bought myself any gadgets, and because of this I have been suffering from gadget withdrawal for some time now. The result have been that for christmas I bought Nintendo Wii and Wii Fitness Board to myself.

Yesterday I purchased an iPhone and spent hours playing around, downloading apps and playing around.

Today, I fell in love!

When walking to the train station it was incredibly cold, and when the train didn’t arrive I started wondering where the hell it was! I was freezing my butt off. So I took up my iphone, found the train app that told me my train was delayed by 6 minutes and was at Nordstrand. Then I found out that it was -21 degrees outside, no wonder I was freezing.

2 minutes later it was announced over the speakers that the train was delayed – but that’s just plain old news for me 😀

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