On sunday I went with a couple of friends to Korketrekkeren which is a sledging hill in Oslo. I had never tried it out before, so naturally I was excited. It was a sunny day and perfect for some childlike fun. To get there we took the metro to Frognerseteren, except that the metro didn’t go that far. There were some upgrading being done. so buses where set in between Besserud and Frognerseteren.

When we got up there me and Anders rented sledges from Akeforeningen. Those sledges were awesome. They were robustly built for speed. They were heavy (iron all the way, baby). The steering mechanism was the rope you can see Anders is holding in the picture below. By pulling on one end, you get the sledge to steer that way, and no breaks: that’s what your body is for – one way or the other your body will stop moving.

Those sledges screamed speed, and they delivered. Boy, did they deliver! It takes about 6 minutes to get down the hill. The hill ends at a metro station, so it was just to wait for the metro (that arrived after 8 minutes usually), and do it all over again.

The weak link in this threesome was Einar. He brought his own sledge where the seat was duck taped!! We had the batmobil of sledges – Einar had the slowmobile. We rushed ahead, stopped sometimes, and sat waiting for some minutes for Einar to arrive. He refused to trade in the slowmobile for the Ferrari of sledges, no matter what we said. He liked the speed of his duck taped misery – chicken!

I will not recommend going to Korketrekkeren on a beautiful, sunny sunday when the metro doesn’t go all the way up. The buses showed up quickly, but there was always some people that didn’t get into the buses, it took some time to get to Frognerseteren, and the sledge is heavy.

Secondly, there was a LOT of people on Frogneseteren. It seemed like half the population of oslo decided to visit that day.

We had a lot of fun that day, and I will certainly do it again.

How to get there: You take the metro nr. 1 to Frognerseteren

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