Happiness is… cleaning and tidying up!

I have noticed that I’m happier if the space around me is clean, tidy and light with as little clutter around me as possible. I get more tasks done, I get more creative and more importantly is the feeling of happiness, harmony, being in charge and that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m aligned with the universe-feeling.

When I let things slide I quickly get a feeling of malcontent. I’m unbalanced, out of harmony, unhappy.

The last couple of months I have had this feeling because things have just been piling up:
Christmas time and presents
Bills I haven’t dealt with immediately
My closets that needs cleaning up
My bedroom where I spend most of my time have been messy.

It’s surprisingly easy to fall into a state where I don’t deal with something immediately, like take up my clothes instead of letting them lie on the floor.

Now I have started on a new mission: Tidy up my bedroom. I actually love to spend time tidying up – I’m just not so effective when I’m doing it. I started it some days ago, and already I feel the benefits are showing up. I have dealt with my bills, thrown out magazine’s I have read or never will read, dealt with some to-do tasks (like paying bills, stop newspaper subscriptions etc.).

I’m going to take a critical look at my bookshelves and start throwing away DVD’s I’m not going to see again, books I will never read (and hopefully can purchase as ebooks).

The result is more space around me, it’s lighter, and I feel more inspired and energised.

How do you like your surroundings to be?

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