…. that screams boring!

It began when I was working for Software Innovation. I looked through the sales brochures and noticed all the smiling, business-dressed humans. Some I knew, some I didn’t. But always smiling and above average good-looking. The pictures tried to convey an image of success, effectiveness and trust, but I didn’t feel it. My thought was more of how grey this people were, how little of interest and fun the people and environment seemed. The brochures targeted businesses, but even they are staffed by people who like to have a good time and their primary concern in life is their family, kids and spare time.

On wednesday I was at Nationaltheatheret and I noticed the bright poster from “Bring” shining towards me… again with these happy, good-looking people. 3 men and one woman. If I purchase something from them, does it mean there’s a 75 % chance I will get a guy on my door? I don’t mind having handsome men coming to my door. Actually, I encourage it!

But other than that – I’m not interested. Seeing these people doesn’t make me in any way more interested.

So, there’s a price cut on refrigerated products (are there a better word for it?). What products? Is that woman on the move supposed to make me want to run to the store? She doesn’t. There’s nothing there that remotely makes me notice the commercial, except the fact that I don’t understand the use of only people in commercials and somehow I felt like writing about it.

I don’t have kids. May be that’s the reason this commercial doesn’t make me want to spend my money?
I’m obviously not the target for this commercial since I’m Norwegian and don’t make long distance calls. But still… does this commercial make you want to call your dear ones?

This is actually the first commercial I saw where it made sense to use humans. It’s a political party where putting the politicans to the forefront, making them known to the public matters. The issue they fronted though (a city for everybody) just makes me want to yawn. So how will they go about making that happen? …. and more importantly, I didn’t know the city wasn’t for everybody. What did I miss??

Of course one have to use humans in commercials, but seeing people doesn’t automatically make me feel trust or invoke interest on my part. There has to be something special there… like the image below of Lizzie Miller. Look at it… there’s something there I will purchase at once. It’s natural, bright, beautiful smile. This picture sparked a big debate in the US because she’s a plus size model (and how that is possible is beyond me, I would kill for a body like that!) and her little (cute) belly was considered unhealthy.

Most commercials of people are so incredibly boring, and don’t make me want to purchase anything. But hey, some of the goal is probably just to be noticed by the correct people, so may be the content of the commercials isn’t that important.

On the bright side, from now on I will probably notice good commercials when I see them.

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