Some weeks ago I took a walk with my boyfriend in Stavanger. It was a beautiful day and we saw this boat with the name “Sea cougar”. It took me back to when I first met Espen in a wedding. Espen is 7 years younger than me, and we were both aware of it. After the wedding he followed me to the train station. I bought a ticket, and it was 10 minutes before the train would depart. I didn’t really know what to say to him and I felt awkward. There are some people and situations where my mind just goes blank, and this was one of them. Suffice to say the conversation didn’t flow of itself. We had been flirting on and off during the day, but when it was only us two there wasn’t much we had to talk about. So in this uncomfortable setting, waiting for the train to depart, it’s usual to get to know people by what their interests are. It’s a fairly easygoing question, but he manages to ask it this way:

“So what other interests do you have, except picking up younger boys?”


And then, just before the train left he manages to tell me that I was totally uninteresting for him because I’m a vegetarian. When I got on that train I was so happy to get rid of him and had absolutely no interest in seeing him ever again. Good riddens!!!!!!

Somehow we still managed to get together. The cougar me 😉

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