The last day

I have been working as a temporary help at Berggård Amundsen for the last 7 months and Thursday was my last day. I expected the day to be a bit sad, but because of the great people at BA, I leaved feeling happy. Nearing lunch, one of the people from the finance department got a hold of me, and gave me a very nice card and a gift – two wines and a chocolate. It was so unexpected, and I got so happy. It was really, really nice of them, and I spent some time talking to them.

Then I started walking toward the IT department, and was hijacked by my colleagues. When Fred came  (yes, Fred, just as in “The Flintstones” Fred. I can even see some resemblance in personality between IT Fred and Flintstones Fred, it’s really funny), he had a bag from Teknikmagasinet. Already, I started smiling because me and Fred has spent countless hours talking about items at Teknikmagasinet.

I opened the bag, and immediately started laughing hard, and blushing dearly. They had bought “Clone-a-willy” to me – as in, make your own vibrator! I have been in a long distance relationship for a little while, and of course they were only thinking of my own well-being. They could also tell me that it was possible to buy refill packets, and as Fred put it, I could create my own collection if I wanted of dildo’s of lover1, lover2, lover3 etc.

One of my colleagues had become very nervous that I might take this present wrongly, but it was hilarious. He who had bought it had ended up in a longer discussion with the sales person about how to create this dildo and told me what step (3!) where I had to be very careful. All in all we had a lot of fun just talking about that present, so much so that the second present didn’t get the same attention. A rocket launcher alarm clock! If the alarm clock goes/the countdown begins and I don’t stop or snooze it, the rocket will launch and the alarm will not stop until I put the rocket back in its place. Really cool!

To put it simply, I got presents that ensured I will have a very nice evening (chocolate, wine and dildo) and make sure that I wake up the morning afterwards 😀

Afterwards we went out to lunch and we had a very nice time.

It was a really nice day, and I will miss them.

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