Never worry about losing data again

I have a lot of data – that’s where it started.
Secondly, I use a lot of computers and operating systems (OS). I have a private macbook pro, a notebook with windows,  a work computer (usually with Linux), iphone and ipad.

My main need was to be able to access all my files from all the computers, no matter what the OS was.

For a long time I have been a user of a service where you can store your data on the internet just through using a regular file management application like the Explorer or Finder. I work on the files locally, and changes gets synchronized to the internet in the background.

I never have to worry about backup again.
I have access to all my files – everywhere.

And it only costs me 10 dollars (65 kroner) a month for 60 GB or 5 dollars for 30 GB.

For a long time I have been using Dropbox, which has a free version with 2 Gb of storage. It’s a genious service which makes file backup and synchronization as easy as it gets.

There are a myriad of services out there that provide backup at a very cheap amount, but I needed synchronization of files between computers.  So when I had to start paying for it, I started researching who could give me most value for my buck.

I landed on SugarSync which is a little bit cheaper (or give 10GB more storage space) and have more functionality than Dropbox:

  • The coolest feature being music streaming, though I doubt I will be using it much.
  • Photo gallery
  • Easy to share files/folders with friends
  • Easy to make files/folders public (give everybody access)
  • Easily store mobile pictures to Sugarsync

If you would like to try it out, use my referrer link (which gives both of us extra 250 MB): Sugarsync. Unfortunately they have made it a bit cumbersome to become a free user (you have to enter credit card details just to become a user).  Moreover, I was unable to validate my account and it took two days before support fixed my problem.

The easiest start is Dropbox.

I read a good review of SugarSync vs Dropbox at another blog. Many comments that the upload of files from sugarsync is slow, and I can vouch for that. It’s a good idea to set off time and a computer to upload files first time around.

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