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A couple of days ago I wrote about Sugarsync, a service that stores all your data online and makes the data available on most devices. I have spent some days uploading all my data (which takes a bit of time). Since I have data going at least ten years back or more, one can safely assume I don’t have it neatly organized. I have several folders with names like “backup_daymonthyear”.

I have spent some days just getting rid of duplicate files. I downloaded Duplicate Cleaner, and it came as no surprise that I had about 40 000 duplicate files. I even managed to find a file I have been looking for months ago and written off as lost in a trash can somewhere. That tells a little bit about my problem with excess data. Too much data and little  organization makes it impossible to find what I was looking for.

I have spent several hours a day just going through my data, and today it finally dawned on me in a way I will remember this time. I love optimizing systems (including my own file structure). I think many people would prefer sitting in the dentist chair rather than working through large amounts of data. That love of optimization doesn’t just extend to going through my own data. I remember I used to love to take code and making it better, I just wasn’t always conscious of how much I liked doing it. I naturally gravitated towards it. It’s not just loving to see the final result of the work I’ve done, I really love just the process of doing it. Spending time just doing it. No wonder I have used hours just sifting through files (and I have countless hours left…. 40 000 files!).

Now that I’m aware of how much I love it, I’m going to make sure that will be embedded in my everyday work. For what better way is there when you can go, feeling refreshed from work, just by doing what you love?

I know that’s the place I want to be.

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