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I sold a desk this week, and suddenly a wall in my living room was available for decorating. I have spent some time thinking about what I would like to do with that corner, and it finally dawned on me. I would love to have a reading corner, so I started googling and found this perfect solution by Inbar Paradny Kalomidi:

I couldn’t find a price on the loveliness, but it would probably be way over my budget anyway. I can dream. I would have loved lying on that coach, reading, with a teacup on the shelve.

I probably have to settle for something like this:

The chair I would like to have is Delta Steel, I love the fluid, clean design. Unfortunately, the chair cost a fortune as well.

I can picture myself sitting there with a table and good lighting, a fleece blanket, tea and a good book or a magazine. Making that corner mine, taking notes when I study something.

Oprah have a praying chair, where she sits and prays, and I loved the idea. I might use it for meditation in the morning – my meditation chair, where I just let the thoughts roam and feeling the good silence. Taking a break from the world.

I really want that chair. Donations, anyone?

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